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The Democratic Campaign Management Program gives you the experience, training, and contacts to jump start your political career.  It has been established to train a new generation of highly skilled progressive political organizers.

The Program is conducted by the Strategic Consulting Group (SCG), one of the country’s leading Democratic political consulting firms.

Participants receive intensive training in political campaigns and grass roots organizing from experienced political professionals.  At the same time, they are given responsibility to coordinate a geographic area as a field organizer for a high-profile Democratic campaign.

Participants work at the grass roots level to engage citizens in the democratic process.  They work to elect people who will effect change by making decisions about the environment, education, health care, and many other important issues.

Those who complete the program receive career assistance. The program runs every election cycle and typically lasts anywhere from 3 to 3 1/2 months. All programs conclude the week of Election Day.


The program provides participants:               

•  Training in the theory of political campaigns.

•  Training in political skills.

•  Learning how to think like a political organizer.

•  Contacts that will help participants pursue a       

    career in politics.

•  The opportunity to make a real contribution to

    Democratic victories in high-profile elections.

  Participants must:               

  •  Temporarily relocate.

  •  Have a vehicle.

  •  Be hard working.

  •  Be dedicated and innovative.

  •  Have great people skills

  Participants are provided free housing, reimbursed for gas and  

  parking expenses, and given a weekly stipend.

  Since the first program for Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky,

  more than 700 people have completed the Democratic Campaign

  Management Program and obtained work in political campaigns,

  legislative offices, community organizations, labor unions, non

  profit organizations, and many more...






        Contact Us

           E-mail:  info@campaignschool.org

           Call:  1-888-922-1008/773-539-3222

           Mail:  Democratic Campaign Management Program

           4318 North Elston Avenue Chicago, IL 60641