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Modern campaigns are complex and sophisticated, and require specialized knowledge that is difficult  to obtain--even for individuals who have studied political science and other social sciences in college.   The Democratic Campaign Management Program provides training in the theory and practice of today's campaigns in interactive and comprehensive seminars taught by political professionals and elected officials from across the country.  Topics include:

  The Theory of Campaigns:  This seminar covers the essential principles of modern campaigning:  campaign strategy, targeting, voter persuasion, and mobilization.

  Message Development:  The success of a campaign rides on its ability to develop a message that speaks to voters.  Topics include:  What is message?  What are the characteristics of a good persuasion or mobilization message?  How should and does a campaign develop its message?

  TV, Radio and Direct Mail:  Radio, TV and direct mail are the major media that campaigns use to deliver message.  Topics include:  Media strategy, characteristics of good TV and radio ads, design principles for direct mail, and creating a model direct mail program.

  Field Operations:  Field operations raise the candidate's visibility, identify the voters needed to win elections and build the volunteer organizations necessary to mobilize voters.

  Election Day Operations:  Election Day operations get the vote out and provide presence at the polling places.  Topics include:  The Election Day plan, polling place operations, and voter mobilization.

  Fundraising:  Fundraising is a central focus of every serious campaign.  Topics include:  Fundraising strategies and event planning.

  Research and Polling:  Research and polling drive message and campaign strategy.  Topics include:  How polls and focus groups work, how information derived from them is utilized, and the purpose of candidate research.

  Press and Earned Media:  Topics include:  The role the press play in modern campaigns and communicating the campaign's message through paid and earned media.